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          First , on behalf of all the staff has always been concerned about and support the construction and development of Zhuzhou Metalforming community leaders at all levels of society , friends, colleagues and international friends to express my heartfelt thanks and best wishes ! And through you to your family and loved ones to express my deep blessing.

          Zhuzhou forging After 60 years of development . Scratch, from small to large, and gradually formed a hard work, focus on innovation, advocating quality , attention to cultural traditions , the company's healthy, rapid and sustainable development and has played a leading role in promoting ; companies pay close attention to internal management , the formation of the scientific management , standardized management , people management basis , establish a corporate high-quality, heavy reputation , poly talents, customers, strengthening management, re- culture a good image.

          Zhuzhou Metalforming achieved excellent results with community leaders at all levels of society and friends have been the result of the concern and support of the entire staff make every effort , courageously fighting the crystallization and working hard .

          In this area full of opportunities and challenges , we will continue to adhere to " create a modern enterprise , national spirit ! " Business goals , and unswervingly adhere to the " customer first , employees second , shareholders third " business philosophy , indomitable, Zhuzhou Metalforming cause to the broader world , in order to revitalize the industry , region and even the country's prosperity prosperous and make due contribution !

          Finally, once again welcome all levels of society community leaders , friends, colleagues and international friends come to visit , study and guidance.

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